founded in 2006 for the purpose of providing a dedicated service to meet and surpass all customers individual needs.

as a privetely owned company john the founder partner felt they were able to provide a bespoke service that suited all customers based on integrity, reputation and compliance.


we have a worldwide client rosta including governments, international agencies, and known throughout the international corporate sector we are a major consultancy provider  working out of the  UK, Colombia and United States; Working in all the perimeters of low and high risk industries.


The company is small but unique, offering advice on every aspect; security from commercial risk, event risk, corporate operations to counter-terrorism, close protection, brand protection. the company and team offer a global network of contacts and associates. furthermore our clients benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel, built up through many years in there careers, military, music industry, police  and intelligence services.

Provide adequate measures to counter the more violent factions

protective services 

  • touring 

  • diplomatic

  • artist

  • hostile

  • blue chip 

  • witness

  • cargo

   protection services that are managed    

   everyday by proctor consultancy